Structured Online Marketing

It’s not just search engines. There are multiple properties on the web where
your brand could be marketed. Leave it to us. We do it best!

Generating traffic to your website or your social network page is just half the job done. Engaging them and converting them from potential customers to actual customers is the real challenge. Our team of analysts will keep a constant track of how many viewers are actually being converted into your customers. We believe in numbers, therefore we keep a count on them.

Our analysts and conversion experts are constantly optimizing your online marketing solutions for increasing the number of your customers. By closely studying the behavior of your website or social page, we develop solutions which will help your business in increasing the customer list.

Analytics Consulting

Our specially trained web analysts study the behavior of the traffic on your web site and determine the necessary actions that have to be taken to improve the conversion rate. Every web site has a statistical approach which is considered by our analysts to optimize the conversion rate. Some of the important factors which are taken into consideration by our analysts are time spent by a viewer on your page, the bounce rate and the performance of your website.

Landing Page Optimization

LPO is one of the most important factors which increase your conversion. With the best optimized landing page you will enjoy improved leads and more sales. To gain the maximum ROI from your online business you need to convert maximum number of visitors as your customers. This means you need to impress every new visitor that comes to view your online business. Landing page is nothing but the first page the visitor views when he enters your site. With an improvised Landing Page you would generate more enquiries, more potential customers and more leads.

Landing page is the fastest way to achieve your objective without increasing your budget on advertising. Therefore, our specialist emphasizes on an improved and optimized Landing Page of your online business.

Ideal Optimized Landing Page

To convert you landing page as a lead generating tool there are some parameters which it has to fulfill. There are various actions that need to be implemented on the landing page. A landing page which is well optimized can make all the difference for you in terms of scalability of your business. There are many parameters which have to be followed by an online business to have a multipurpose landing page.

We work on the following parameters to make your landing page presentable and effective:

Page Layout: The most important aspect which will catch the visitor’s eye in the very first instance is the page layout. The simpler the page layout the more the visitor will like viewing it. Some of the principles of page designing are very important. For instance a good designer will know when to use 2 or 3 column designs. The whitespace also plays a major role in page layouts.

Design Element: Design element is nothing but the administration of colors on your page. The color combinations should be in tone with your business and also complement the white space of the page. The color management should be placed in such a way that you direct the visitors to the most important part of the page with bright colors.

Content: The most important aspect of online media is content. Your content should be search friendly and relevant to your business. Designing content on your page so that its presence is expanded in the web means you need to analyze and strategically place your content.

Calls to action: Call to action is the critical aspect of your page fold. It is recommended that at least 2 calls to actions should be there on the landing page. The placement of call to action is the second most important parameter. The call to action should be visible to the viewer and at the same time it should also be innovative

Forms: In case there are any forms which you want to include in the landing page then make sure the forms are small and not lengthy. You are driving away your prospects by boring making them fill in lengthy where as they want to spend more time understanding your business.

Navigation: As per the present standards of web designing, navigation is made in the simplest possible manner. You don’t want your visitor to spend time figuring out how to go about your page. It is very important to provide supporting links along with clear direction. By creating a complicated navigation structure, you are distracting the visitor from the task at hand.


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