Black Swan Campaigns

Low predictability and high impact! Imagination breakthroughs! For us it’s
delighting and engaging your target group into action.

Any brilliant marketing campaign is an amazing mixture of creativity, business insight and a well thought out implementation plan. When these three things click, the campaign reflects directly, in a big way, on the revenues and to a larger extent on one’s brand equity. As the number of communication channels between the brands and its customers increase and the cost of using the mediums decrease, it becomes important to impart competitive advantages to people with very short attention spans.

Our campaigns are composed of a few basic beliefs:

  • Low Predictability
  • High Impact
  • Reduced campaign lifecycles
  • Defined Measurement Methodology

Campaigns have a direct impact on:

  • Revenues
  • Brand Equity
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • A positive word of mouth
  • Generation of buzz
  • New product launch
  • Image makeover of the brand

The key result indicators could differ from business to business and it’s essential to define them in the beginning. To begin the process of Campaigns, we follow a phase wise approach to ascertain the campaign’s success as illustrated below:

All the campaigns, whether they are to generate buzz about a new product launch, conduct an event, offer a viral deal etc, are guided strictly by metrics. Measurement is the most important criterion.

Campaigns are part of our Social Media Marketing services, our eCommerce consulting services and are offered as a separate service as well. Not long ago we did a highly successful Social Media Campaign for a Brazilian company, trying to gain a foothold in the Indian Market. It conducted events in various cities of India, the event relevant to its product. To generate buzz and participation in the events through the online medium, our campaign services came into the picture.

Combining social media engagement and other online marketing strategies, we were able to ensure a delightful level of participation. In a few cities, the participation purely through the online medium was measured to be as high as 35-40%. In a pre-defined expectation of about 20% participation through the online medium, 40% was a high impact campaign performance. Low predictability and high impact are immensely fruitful results to achieve, through effective campaign implementation and reduced campaign lifecycles.


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