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1 Aug

ROI and Social Media: Brothers a long distance apart

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How does the Social Media landscape help a brand? It has arguably been one of the most asked questions in the Internet space. Businesses, both large and small, a large percentage of them, eye social media with some sort of insolence. While there are a rising percentage of brands embracing Social Media, the percentage of brands coming up with innovative presence seems to decrease. In the sea of applications, customization of a brand’s Facebook presence compared to another brand could be surprisingly similar. There are many such cases; and I’m talking of some really big brands here. Since Facebook seems to be a major effort in a brand’s overall Social Media strategy, customization scope depends on a lot of new disruptive applications to come. Not many in sight right now though, or so it seems to me.

Old Spice’s social media campaign brings a breath of fresh air. It leverages the more or less lost brand in a perfect manner.

Social Media is the next marketplace, where consumer decisions would be made. It’s the most transparent media in the history of communication networks. Brands could no longer buy the right to disturb its Target Group. ‘Customer connect’ is the biggest objective in Social Media. If you couldn’t offer something substantial, just stay away. Consumers haven’t been this powerful ever before. Media hasn’t been this cheap ever before. It’s an amazing ground for a perfect marketplace. Brands don’t have to stick their ads, with many other ads, between some content now. They can attract their Target Group to their own property; and talk to them.


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