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eCommerce Consulting

We specialize in multi-channel retailing and creating multiple customer acquisition points. Your target audience is no longer geography challenged. We help you reach them.

The end-to-end eCommerce prism

The central eCommerce storefront complimented by the above six assessments, strategic, technology and syndication platforms encompasses the stage one delivery of our end-to-end eCommerce delivery.

A multi-channeled approach to eCommerce is causing disruptions due to the substantial rise of multiple sales delivery and product syndication channels. While most of the retailers fail to take advantage of this approach, which is being adopted by more and more large retailers, it is becoming a competitive disadvantage to overlook the impact of the online medium on buying behavior.

Internet retail is slowly gaining the upper hand over in-store retail. In the light of these positive shifts, the importance of cross-channel strategies becomes very important to stay ahead of increasing competition. Cross channel retailing, across all the online sales channels is ClickFormula’s biggest strategic delivery.

Our eCommerce consulting service aims at converting your online presence into a strategic business unit enabling commerce in a multi channeled way. Our solution is flexible, highly customized and with investments proportional to the growth in the business revenues.

To make commerce smooth and optimal, we partner with some of the world’s leading technologies. Our technology partners complete an end-to-end strategic delivery of your eCommerce store, with all components of assessment measurements: platform, data insight tools, product experience applications, business intelligence in the eCommerce store and everything that catapults commerce in the eCommerce storefront.

Our technology partners deliver an eCommerce store that covers six essential areas:

  • Multi Channel Store
  • Product and Content Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Order Management
  • Product Experience
  • Webstore Business Intelligence

  • Covering these areas through a platform free of technical glitches lets us keep the store dynamic - just like the physical store, with a simple interface to implement the trading intelligence, which is every retailer’s forte, irrespective of the medium, online or offline.


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