eCommerce Consulting

We specialize in multi-channel retailing and creating multiple customer acquisition points. Your target audience is no longer geography challenged. We help you reach them.

eCommerce strategy is a result of a large number of variables. As a retailer, it is important for you to formulate a strategy, which is arrived at by an extensive feasibility analysis.

The formulation of an eCommerce strategy is the most important step in an end-to-end multi channel eCommerce implementation process. The strategy has to be aligned with the company’s business goals. It is important to think of the initiative in a phase wise approach. Users profile themselves through their behavior in your eCommerce web store and other properties. Such profiling of the users is the key to how you can transform your storefront into an entirely customized experience, in sync with your branding guidelines and your product’s competitive advantages.

It all starts with a realistic definition of the eCommerce strategy. ClickFormula’s consultation starts from this very important stage of giving you a peek of the business in a new medium or, more aptly put; business seen newly in a new medium, coupled realistically with various challenges. The approach is to realistically roll out a roadmap of phase wise investment, upgrading and revenue targets.


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