Why ClickFormula?

We frame each consulting delivery with the objective of innovation. Young minds, new benchmarks, brilliance and brevity best describes us. We set up benchmarks for your online business processes.

ClickFormula was started by two young, or not too young individuals both coming from Internet background.

Ali Khan was anything but not cool. He came from Google and expected free lunches as the Entrepreneur. Srikant Rawat came from an experience of multiple start-ups and had no habit of lunches! It was some combination. They met in an online publishing company, which they had joined long ago. To start their own venture took about a year. To take it successfully to the market took another year. To be what ClickFormula is now took another third year. And what a state to be in! ClickFormula has a healthy chuckling team of twenty four people, driven, focused, young, and setting benchmarks right to how they shout in the office when there is a match going on. There is constantly an air of competition and tech-talk in ClickFormula. Disruptions are the daily target. We enjoy it.


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