eCommerce Consulting

We specialize in multi-channel retailing and creating multiple customer acquisition points. Your target audience is no longer geography challenged. We help you reach them.

Commerce, both online and offline, is no longer about driving the target group to a store or a webstore. As multi channel commerce takes the forefront, the various disruptive technologies, platforms and applications find newer and newer ways to reach the target group. The relationship between distribution and the online channel has been revolutionary for the retail world. In the coming times this pattern is going to go deeper into the long tail and leveraging it could act as a huge competitive advantage. In the world of excess information, attention to the customer today is scarce. We work very closely with retailers to arrive at the best solution for them. In belief, we see the shift of brick and mortar stores and retailers competing for revenues with both the business models converging and producing the multi-channeled culture of retailing.

Major aspects of Multi Channel Retail

  • A dynamic web storefront
  • Creating multiple channels of shopping
  • Capturing the offline shoppers online, and achieving footfalls to the stores
  • Dynamic localization of inventory
  • Enriching brand and product experience
  • Absolute flexibility
  • Brand equity
  • Multiple customer acquisition point in the online media


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