eCommerce Consulting

We specialize in multi-channel retailing and creating multiple customer acquisition points. Your target audience is no longer geography challenged. We help you reach them.

Technology is a guiding force in the various functionalities of an eCommerce store. The business needs of the eCommerce initiative should logically match a precise technology selection and implementation; and it is true for the multiple aspects of an eCommerce store. It all starts from the strategy definition and assessing what’s right for a particular business.

We partner with some of the world’s best technology providers in the space of platforms, product experience, payment security, multi channel eCommerce, analytics and various other aspects of an eCommerce storefront. Importantly as is our belief in every other aspect of eCommerce, our technology selection process is guided by a step-by-step selection (investment), in accordance with the business objectives, of technologies to optimize an eCommerce storefront, pertaining to various verticals of retail.

Each technology, in a particular process within the eCommerce web store, is integrated in a phase wise manner, in proportion to the business growth. Our partnerships are strategic in nature, encompassing the entire spectrum of activities within the web store and automating the several best practices. Data and Insight driven analytics are also integrated in a phase wise manner. Integration of a technology is product driven and is always done phase wise.

Our technology partners are the best in the marketplace, empowering various businesses online. They partner with us, and we strategically use their solutions to empower your business at all levels: from inception to scaling.


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