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Service White Labeling

You could avail our services, integrate them in your offering, and have an edge in the marketplace. This lets you label the offering as your complete service delivery.

Our white labeling service offers companies and agencies to use all of our services for any of their online requirements and white label them. All of our services are open for white labeling, provided ClickFormula accepts the terms of the white labeling agreement. The service is geographically independent. ClickFormula ensures that the service delivery is integrated into another service, if need be; especially, in case of agencies and a swift delivery is accomplished. Some of the best agencies in India use ClickFormula’s white labeling service and improve their overall delivery to the client.

The delivery model created by us for agencies is shown below:

Service White Labeling

The detailed process flow is customized depending on the agreement with the client or the agency. The turnaround time is minimized by following an effective process flow, which is defined in a customized manner and is always client or agency-specific. The bird’s eye view of the workflow is shown below:

Service White Labeling

Avail our white labeling service and set a benchmark.


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