Social Media Engagement

Your brand in social media channels is the vibe of its effects on the customer. Connect to your target group through social channels. Let advertising become interactive through Social Media Marketing.

Accelerated adoption of Social Media by companies of all sizes clearly points toward the importance of brand-based interactions in the web sphere. Interactions have dethroned the interruptive form of advertisements and have embraced collaborative form of advertising. The shift in marketing as we see it, or as we have known since centuries, has been of colossal impact. It’s a shift that’s a result of multiple technological disruptions, changing user behaviors, number of hours spent in social channels, the level of activities happening in those channels. Every aspect has turned Social Media into a marketplace where businesses are built and dissolved.

World of Mouth

In his book Socialnomics, Erik Qualman calls this phenomenon the world of mouth. An angry customer could denude your brand where there are an unbelievable number of existing and potential customers active. This is the ultimate time of customer power. They are your best salesmen. But is that as simple as it normally sounds? There are various insights to be considered as to how to approach Social Media Marketing with a certain plan and understanding; and developing an entirely new approach to marketing and advertising: you may have to hear a lot of stuff you wouldn’t want to hear about. Essentially the buying point here is: whether you prefer to listen to conversations and participate in them or not, they will happen. Interactions are unavoidable. Interactions today define the marketplace synergies. Online word of mouth is so powerful because it doesn’t have geographic limitation or constraint.

Social Media Process

As Social Media is a process of outlining various strategic aspects of your businesses coupled with a clear formulation of short-term and long-term objectives through such an initiative, it becomes important to adopt a stable approach of creating a pool of conversations that are positive, negative and promotional-pertaining to your industry and your brand. This is the pool that converts into business. And, it’s a permanent pool attracting newer and newer customer touch points; creating channels of multiple customers touch points. Your brand in the social media channels is the vibe of its effects on the customer. It’s a vibe we try to generate optimally and measure and turn in a word of mouth through the Target group.

Social Media Activity

The process of Social Media Engagement activity includes a broad formulation of objectives from the online space. A strategic Social Media initiative surprisingly differs in broad ways from product to product. The focus of the activity prism is dependent on products, the dependency being on one of the most defining and influencing factors in a Social Media plan; and hence there comes an entirely new approach towards the Social Media Initiative if there is a change in product. However a basic approach towards going about initiating the Social Media Marketing activity will be listed below:

Each of the above Activity vertical fulfills a certain marketing objective. It is essentially comprehensive, guided by objectives, streamlined approaches and an insightful methodology. Each of the initiative demands a certain need of technology and pre-defined metrics to ascertain constant measurement and optimal output.

The Role of Technology

On a conceptual level Social Media Marketing could be a painfully intangible activity, confusing brands on which direction it is going from where it was. More than 70% follow this approach of Random Social Media Marketing that eventually leads to a state of dullness in the activity and disbelief in Social Media. Few understand the importance of technologies once the objectives have been formulated. Measuring conversation- both positive and negative, measuring the buzz, measuring the campaign success, interpreting analytics, advertising, calculating the value of say a Facebook fan are important variables to have for an assessment of positive or negative movement of the Social Media Initiative. ClickFormula’s service at all stages is guided by the use of technology and measurement. Processes are generated by the use of various proprietary technologies and initiatives. Your brand is taken to people in a much faster, sleeker, comprehensive and appealing manner than you would in your offline advertisement.

We insist on four basic beliefs in our Social Media deliveries:

  • Content
  • Design
  • Interface
  • Campaign

Each methodology is delivered with your brand in mind. An integrated mix of marketing, consisting of these four aspects, is strategized and delivered to the Target Audience.

Word of mouth and buzz are measurable. Reputation is manageable. ClickFormula crystallizes the mathematics of Social Media Marketing with an approach that is scientific, creative and aligned to your brand’s equity.


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