Structured Online Marketing

It’s not just search engines. There are multiple properties on the web where
your brand could be marketed. Leave it to us. We do it best!

Socializing is a very important aspect of any individual. It improves your contacts, gives you feedback about yourself and you get to know more area to explore. The same concept is now being used by many online marketers. The main aspect of social media is to improve the awareness of your business and at the same time create an interactive medium between you and your potential customers. In this way, you will come to know their opinion and at the same time you will have an understanding of the areas which you might consider optimizing. Social media also acts as a multipurpose tool – it takes care of branding, it is a lead generator and also has various other aspects.

We, at ClickFormula have done a thorough research and understood how social media can be used as a productive tool. By leveraging this concept, we bring tangible results to your business. To execute this concept successfully we understand the various factors that go into creating an excellent social media platform from where your business can jump start. Strategizing, marketing and optimizing your social media platform are a must to have a successful running social media campaign.

Social Media Strategy and Consulting

We have a specialized team for developing a successful social media presence. Our strategies emphasize on improving your network, connections, content and ensuring optimal usage of social media tools. Internet has been used for various purposes since its infancy. Initially it was used to connect computers and then, it was used to connect content and share knowledge. In the present times, internet has become the major source of connecting people from around the world. Social Media is that tool which people are now using to connect business with its customers through the internet.

The commercial benefits are directly related to the size of the social circle a company has in the online or offline space. To make every connection viable and have a tangible benefit we make a socially acceptable presence for your business. Our social media strategies are concentrated on the tangible benefits for your business.

Every step, every decision and every action is taken to increase your revenue via social media. We are experienced in overcoming every hurdle in the way of executing a successful social media campaign. Our strategies are inclined towards improving your social media presence and leveraging all the resources which can be obtained via this tool.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing your business in the social networks involves engagement, participation and connecting various individuals on your social media platform. It also involves creating an environment where individuals of different ideology accept your business in the true sense. Social media marketing is a specialization which our team has thrived to achieve. Today we comprise of a team who have expertise in the art of brand engagement and identity development using Social Media as a tool. Some of the steps which we carry out to improve your brand exposure on the social networks are:

  • Creating an identity to your business in Social Media
  • Creating and managing your profile in Social Media
  • Continuous engagement programs are run on your profile to improve awareness
  • Social friendly content and updates in the same pitch as your business to attract potential clients
  • Campaigns which will improve interaction between you and your customers

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the next big tool of improving traffic to your site. SMO has similar functions as those of the search engine optimization but it is used in social networks Social media optimization has become a very important tool in improving your social presence and achieving an improvised search engine ranking. Our SMO specialists thrive to improve the visibility, publicity and the traffic to your website, brand or product.

We utilize content which is generated through blogging or micro-blogging to create a substantial base from which the visibility of your business is improved. SMO is like a two edged sword as it improves your web presence as well as boost your SEO rankings. The ultimate goal of our SMO team is to generate traffic to your web content.

Our team will collaborate with you and create ‘social friendly brand identities’ on which your social media optimization campaigns would be executed. These identities would be created on your choice of social networks.

Social Media Advertising

Any kind of marketing is incomplete without advertising. We carry along with us the expertise of publishing the right choice of advertisements which are acceptable in the social media networks. Social media has been a very user-friendly tool which is used by many businesses today, to reach the right kind of target groups. Social Media Advertising has been the best way of engaging and building awareness about your business.

Social media advertising has diversified itself in many fields and can be used in various formats. Your ads can be presented as text ads, video ads and sponsored ads. The two methods of payments mainly used for this type of advertising are CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) and CPC (cost per click).


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