Structured Online Marketing

It’s not just search engines. There are multiple properties on the web where
your brand could be marketed. Leave it to us. We do it best!

Search Marketing

Search Marketing has become the back bone for every online firm so as to create a substantial space in the online medium. We at ClickFormula truly understand the need of this tool and support our clients in the best way. We have a tailor made team who understand the necessity of search marketing and its impact on online space. Our search marketing team has specialized in the three main aspects of search marketing that are – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Local Search Optimization (LSO).

We do not limit our objectives to ranking and clicks but we understand the optimal usage of search marketing. Our team has dedicated itself in understanding and optimizing the application of search marketing. We believe in generating the right traffic from the right place which leads to prospective sale which ultimately results in productive business.

Campaigns for search marketing are done as per your ideology and our high quality techniques. We collaborate with your personnel and work accordingly as to improve your business. We work towards making significant improvement in your ROI by providing versatile search marketing solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

With your website in the top slot of search engines, you can generate more leads and improve sales. Search Engine Optimization will help your website come in the top search results which will make your company closer to the right customers. Our SEO team stands apart from the conventional SEO procedures as we understand SEO is not all about generating never ending list of keywords. We think from your customer’s perspective and create phrases which could probably be the most searched keywords. Conventional SEO methods help you appear in the search results but our search engine team will help you appear to those who mean business with your company.

Our SEO team works in a pattern which will help you filter the audience in such a way where the customers with no commercial intent are removed from your visitors in turn making every visitor of your website a prospective customer. The two most important weapons of our SEO team are Link building and Ranking programs.

Link building is a simple process where quality links from various websites are obtained which will direct the visitor to your site. The anchor text used to build these links and the quality of the website play a major role in this process. With a better quality website, you will observe a much improvised search ranking.

The motive of our team is to not just rank your page in search engines, but to convert your website into a lead generating tool, which should help you get more traffic, improve sales and ultimately get good business.

Search Engine Marketing

Advertise your business for the right price to get the right customers through the online medium. Search Engines over the years have evolved as the biggest hoardings for your business advertising. Search Engine Marketing is in other words known as Pay-Per Click. We help you design the right type of ads or sponsored searches so that you can acquire the your kind of customers.

Our team will help you build strategies for your advertising so that you can reach the niche areas of the internet and generate leads. We have specialists who have a thorough understanding of how the search engines work. The most important aspect of ads is to place them at the right place to the right person.

The perfect execution of search engine marketing will be in line with your business pitch at every step. We will help you make the right choice in choosing the ads at the optimal price which will eventually help you accomplish positive business results.

Local Search Optimization

It’s always important to have a strong base at home. It’s always important for a business to flourish at its home base. The future of any business can be predicted depending on the success of the company at its local location.

Local Search Optimization will help you capture a huge local audience. This will also help you in branding your business in the local arena. There are several researches proving that the local content makes a huge impact on the ranking of the website. The maximum percentage of online activity is related to the local offline aspects.

Our team makes the optimal usage of this fact and helps your website build a strong presence on the local internet searches. We dedicate ourselves in designing and strategizing the optimization of your website in the local search results. For a business with multiple branches local search optimization is a must.


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