eCommerce Consulting

We specialize in multi-channel retailing and creating multiple customer acquisition points. Your target audience is no longer geography challenged. We help you reach them.

Borrowing the metaphor of Ralph Kimball, his description of business intelligence in terms of a restaurant in which you have the back of the house, where the food is prepared, and front of the house, where the customers sit and enjoy their meals. To break the metaphor into deliverables: the right food to the right customers in a consumable format. Our business intelligence provides those insights, in understanding the Target Group, its behavior online, its behavior within the eCommerce store, within the various pages of the eCommerce store, analytics, and the multiple channels.

We do a constant assessment of all the data and transform them into insights. These insights could enhance and optimize the multiple business processes and directly reflect on the sales. We believe in data; because we turn data into insights. It’s our basic source of Business Intelligence. Integrating the technology of behavioral merchandizing to attain optimal levels of conversions for the web store is also an important aspect of our business intelligence delivery.

A small example of the kind of data we churn and turn to valuable business insights: Repeat Purchase Probability, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Acquisition Channel, Time since last purchase, Abandoned Cart, Geography, Demographics, Product Experience, Efficiency and Customer History etc.


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